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License Rates 2015-2016

"Clip" is defined as any cut used in a continuous manner of 10 seconds or less. This use is limited to "once" (10 seconds or less) and any reuse of that cut will result in another license fee.

Multiple clips of four or more will result in a reduction of the per clip license fees. Please call for price break before ordering clips.

Feature Films

Rights: All media worldwide in perpetuity with the exception of promos.

Full-frame: $1,500/clip

Playback: $700/clip
    $1,250/ 30 seconds
    $1,750/ 60 seconds

Television (Episodic) MOWs & Mini Series

Rights: All media worldwide with the exception of: out of context promos

Full-frame Network and Cable: $800/clip

PBS: $500/clip

Playback: $500 up to 30 seconds
    $750 30-45 seconds
    $1,250 45-60 seconds
    Over one minute (negotiable)

Television Title Use

13 Episodes: 4 times the normal episodic clip use rate (see above)
14-24 Episodes: 6 times the normal episodic clip use rate (see above)

Process Plates

Rights: Per Angle, Per scene with unlimited use of each separate angle in that scene

$900/ per angle

On Air Promos

$700/ clip

Internet Only

$650/ clip

Theatrical Trailers

Theatrical only: $2,000/ clip
Theatrical, Home Video/DVD/Internet: $2,500/ clip
Theatrical, Home Video/DVD/Internet & Broadcast: $3,500/ clip

Home Video/ DVD/ Retail CD-ROM

Rights: Non-broadcast only. Worldwide in perpetuity. No promos



Rights: Commercial broadcast, terms & markets vary. Call for exact rates & terms.

Local: $750/ clip
Regional: $1,000/ clip
National: $2,000; clip
Worldwide (per country): $2,000/ clip
Internet only: $800/ clip


Rights: Non-broadcast only, terms vary

Internal: $500/ cut
Trade Show: $650/ cut
Point of Purchase: $1,000/ clip

Non-Broadcast Pilots & Presentations

Rights: Internal use only. Non-broadcast for following 12 months only
All Licensee fees are to be paid whether clip(s) is (are) ultimately used or not. No exceptions.
Full-frame: $300/ clip
Full-frame Process Plate: $450 per angle per scene
$250/ up to 10 seconds
$500/ up to 30 seconds
$750/ up to 60 seconds

Kill Fees

Television Episodic, MOWs, Cable, Home Video Kill Fee: A $400.00 Pull/Kill Fee will apply for each negative pulled for use/testing that is not ultimately used in said episode.

Theatrical Kill Fee: A charge equal to one half (1/2) the normal license fee ($500.00) will be charged for each negative pulled but not used in the production.

Commercial Kill Fee: A charge equal to one half (1/2) the license fee for the territory/rights the clip was agreed to be aired in.

Lab Fees

ALL clips on the website CAN be uploaded to an FTP site. The cost for our telecine house to put it up on their FTP site is as follows:
UP to five minute of material $135.00
Five to Ten minutes of material $175.00
Ten to Twenty minutes of material $250.00