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Chris Angelich founded AM Stock Exchange in 1988 with the idea of being a support second unit crew for feature film & television shows in need of custom filmed (originally capturing on 35mm negative and today shooting HD and 4K digital images) second unit/stock footage for their productions. His idea was to shoot these custom clips and license them to the various productions at the same cost the show would pay for existing stock footage from other libraries.

As the list of productions needing custom stock footage to be filmed grew, so did AM Stock Exchange's library. Over the years, Chris Angelich has filmed just over 1.2 million feet of 35mm negative and has shot custom stock shots for over 300 television series and 50 features.

In 2000, Chris Angelich reached agreement with Janet Meyer to purchase one of Hollywood's best known independent stock footage libraries: Cameo Film Library.

Today, Chris Angelich is still active in shooting for various productions. From 2013 thru June 2016 he has shot footage for over 75 television series, feature films, and commercials shooting on both 35mm film and originally mastered footage shot in High Definition (HD) and 4K.

AM Stock-Cameo has recently began representing footage from various independent cinematographers such as Tim Arasheben and Greg Hensley and in 2007 became the exclusive licensor of footage from Sprocketheads a production company based in Anchorage, Alaska.

AM Stock-Cameo is located in Los Angeles California.
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