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Chris Angelich founded AM Stock Exchange Inc., in 1988. Founded on the principle that if a production was unable to "achieve" that last 1/8 of a page to establish the house, restaurant, etc., then Chris would go to the selected location and pick up the shot, thus saving the production time and money.

Since its inception, Chris has filmed custom footage for over 320 productions through June 2016. Originally shooting only with his own 35mm camera and lighting package, he has since evolved to also shoot with the Arri Alexa capturing hi res Digital imagery. Chris now lets the production dictate the format.

AM Stock Cameo is able to deliver to your production custom footage to fit your show's format, look, style, and pace, which will allow his footage to fit seamlessly into your production and give it a completely custom look.

Chris Angelich offers the guarantee that the cost of the custom shot clip will be competitive with one found in any stock footage library. That principal still holds true today. If the shot can be achieved within a one hour drive, the labor charge is equal to the charge for a clip rented from a stock library. AM Stock-Cameo offers location scouting as an additional service. Since every shoot is different, please call for details and exact pricing for your particular needs.

From a crew of two to multiple camera shoots, process plates, jib arms and techno cranes, from moving camera cars, aerials, or time lapse, AM Stock Cameo is a viable solution for your post production requirements.

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